Animals do have family

Talk about extreme parenting. While his mate hunts, a male penguin stands on the Antarctic ice with their egg tucked warmly on his feet. In minus 40°F temperatures. For four months. Why such protectiveness? If the egg slips off—even for a few seconds—it freezes. When the exhausted mom returns, it’s her turn to help protect the new chick on her feet so dad can finally eat.

“When it comes to animals, humans still have a lot to learn. We forget that some animals are also capable of most of the same behaviors that we have”

A major step towards ending this vicious cycle of forgetfulness is to practice compassion. Animals really are not all that different from us, save the tails, fur, or scales. So, let’s for a minute take a look at all the ways that animal families are just like our families.

We often forget that animals are capable of feeling the same emotions we do and sharing similar bonds with friends and family. The result of this willful “forgetfulness” is reflected in the way we treat animals We separate them from family and friends place them in captivity for our own entertainment, or even condemn them to life on a factory farm until the day they are turned into one of our meals.

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